Vision & Strategy

It is the vision of Anatomi Health to develop and own a significant portfolio of health care facilities within 10 years from inception, focusing primarily on the retirement industry. The Devmark Property Group has completed 8 retirement villages and is currently developing The Plettenberg Manor, as well as Helderberg Manor. The first project that is being undertaken by Anatomi Health is the development of the health care facility located in Helderberg Manor, Somerset West. This facility will on completion consist of 50 assisted care suites and 21 frail care beds.

Healthcare Operator

After thorough research, Anatomi Health made an investment in Samaritan Health Care Services and has subsequently concluded an agreement in terms of which Samaritan Healthcare will manage and operate the health care facilities developed by Anatomi Health. Samaritan has extensive experience in the management of acute-sub-acute and stepdown hospital facilities, as well as assisted and frail care.

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