Villa Cortona

Imagine being able to retire to a village infused with the tranquility and charm of a 13th century Tuscan city. Welcome to Villa Cortona. The noble Etruscan city of Cortona has been recreated and transformed into a charismatic retirement village, on the majestic hills of Durbanville.

Villa Cortona consists of Upmarket Single Title Houses, Sectional Title Apartments & Assisted Living Suites with balconies, secluded garden atriums & luxury verandas. The complex has a secure boundary being located within the bigger Graanendal Estate with attended access, electrified fencing, 24h manned security & camera control. All gardens are landscaped & fitted with automated irrigation.

It offers you a choice of five different layouts for the houses. They range from 2 Bedroom with 1 Bathroom and Single Garage, to 2 Bedrooms, Study, Open Plan Dining Room & Lounge, together with a Double Garage. All patios are under the main roof and the vast majority have been enclosed over the years to increase the living space. For standard layout plans on each unit, please use the corresponding house links below.

One- and two-bedroom apartments can become available and they have communal laundry facilities. Villa Cortona keeps all its residents in mind, so to ensure ease of movement the main building is equipped with elevators, ramps and stairs and also house an interior garden. Some of the apartments have parking bays in the undercover parking garage allocated to them, and with some there is even a store room available as well. Alternatively, parking is available all around the outside of the building. For standard layout plans on each unit, please use the corresponding apartment links below.

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