The top 10 residential estates in South Africa

The top 10 residential estates in South Africa

04 September 2017

AfrAsia Bank and New World Wealth are proud to release this year’s review of the top 10 residential estates in South Africa.

During the past year the New World Wealth research team has visited over 100 residential estates across the country in order to compile this report. This years edition contains an overall top 10, as well as top 10s in three different sub-categories, including top 10 retirement estates, top 10 wildlife estates and top 10 golf estates in the country.

Notably, South Africa is one of the global pioneers in residential estate living. In fact, the only country with more residential estates than South Africa is USA. Interestingly, residential estates are now becoming increasingly popular across the globe, especially in the likes of the UAE, Portugal, Spain, Mexico, New Zealand, Mauritius and the UK.

For further analysis and rankings, please view the report here.

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